Gestinver in figures.

Over all these 25 years hemoswe have achieved uninterrupted growth, as evidenced by the following figures


We are a consultancy firm specializing in the integral management of public aid and subsidies for the development of Investment and R&D&I projects.

GESTINVER was incorporated in 1995 thanks to the initiative of a group of professionals with long-standing experience in different business areas, joined together by a project with a common future and a clear vocation to quality and customer service.

Over all these 25 years, we have achieved uninterrupted growth, as evidenced by the following figures:

This growth has allowed us to develop a dynamic working environment that is challenging and full of opportunities. So much so that we can now say we form part of the most dynamic group of consultants on the market.

Working worldwide and always close to our customers, we have offices in Madrid, Palencia, Burgos and Valladolid.

Our team.

Our company’s main asset is its human resources. We have worked hard to form a multidisciplinary dynamic team, composed by more than 25 professionals, with long-standing experience in Management Consultancy, and a heterogeneous academic training, including legal experts, economists, engineers, architects and chemists, among others.

Our professionals work in a framework of permanent progress and improvement to customer service, and we are fully proud of our work.

Our clients.

Our clients are businesses with ambition that are looking to implement Investment and R&D projects and invest in production infrastructures individually or in conjunction with other companies on a regional, national or international scale.

So far we have worked with more than 650 companies from a wide variety of business sectors, with different business configurations and interests as different as they are challenging for us.


At GESTINVER, we cannot say we have a standard type of client. Our work begins with a rigorous analysis of our client’s actual situation: its performance, competitors, clients and the competitive environment in which it operates. The client is our raison d’être, and we adapt our services to your needs.

The results our clients have obtained, their loyalty to our firm and the fact that more and more companies from every sector in Spain and abroad show their interest in our services confirm that we are on the right road