Our services.


GESTINVER focuses much of its business on the integral management of subsidies and public aid for industrial investment projects. We have extensive experience in projects for the installation of new companies, the expansion or modernization of their facilities, their internationalization and external promotion, the introduction of technological improvements in processes and energy efficiency.

The various public administrations offer different types of financial support for companies that decide to invest in their development and improve their industrial competitiveness.

This type of aid is awarded in most cases under a tender in which preference is given to projects that achieve a higher score based on the criteria set out in the call. It also aims to promote business activity and competitiveness and create and consolidate employment.

Accordingly, the various public bodies design specific lines of aid for which they specify relevant aspects such as the eligible beneficiaries according to location or business sector, the characteristics of the financial support offered, the financing concepts and the necessary procedures for the application for and subsequent justification of the investment as planned.

GESTINVER participates as a link between the company’s interest in accessing this privileged public funding and strict compliance with the procedures set forth by each body to ensure the proper use of public funds.

  • Definition of financing strategy

    After an initial meeting in which we determine the scope and targets, we make a personalized analysis, together with an aid map, to achieve the best financing conditions for each investment project.

  • Preparation and submission of the application

    We draft the technical reports, analyse the economic and financial viability of the project and, finally, process the application for aid with the Administration

  • Follow-up until the award

    We reply to requests for clarification from the Administration, we attend the no-start visit and we oversee coordination until the resolution on the award has been handed down

  • Project implementation control

    We supervise technical and economic issues, managing deviations and notifying the Administration of relevant circumstances.

  • Justification and collection

    We develop the technical and economic documentation to certify completion of the project and submit it telematically to the Administration. We work with the client throughout the verification process until the aid has been received.


We specialize in the management of funding for the development of R&D projects related to new processes or products at regional, national and European level.

GESTINVER offers the companies with which it collaborates specialized advice to identify innovative ideas, their connection with the different lines of funding for R&D offered by public bodies and the technical support necessary for the proposals and their subsequent justification.

In short, we apply our experience in the integral management of R&D to generate value for our clients, adapting to the specific needs of each project, obtaining funding to ensure the continuity of business research and encouraging collaboration with other companies and entities such as Universities and Technology Centres.

  • Identification of R&D activities

    Our work begins with the definition of those of our client’s activities that may be considered as R&D.


  • Development and presentation of the proposal

    We draft the technical and financial reports and process the application with the Administration until the aid is received.

  • Follow-up and justification

    We monitor the evolution of the project with control reports and meetings and acting as a link with the Administrative body.

  • Justification and collection

    We submit the necessary technical and economic documents to justify the project and we work with the client in the revision process until the aid is received.

  • Publication and importance of the results

    We help define the communication strategy, publish results and prepare a strategy for intellectual property and technology transfer


At GESTINVER we process tax deductions for R&D and Technological Innovation. The purpose of these deductions is to reduce the total amount of corporate income tax and maximize the profits obtained from spending on R&D. The corresponding deduction can reach up to 59% of spending on R&D projects and 12% for projects classified as technological innovation. The general limit of the deductible quota is 50%; the deductions are cumulative as a tax credit and applicable for 18 years.

The deductions carry a number of important benefits, such as access by any company regardless of business or size. This has an immediate financial effect in the fiscal year in which the resources are spent and is compatible with other public aid for R&D. In turn, this ensures maximum legal certainty thanks to the option for obtaining a Binding Motivated Report after certification by an ENAC-certified body, opening up the possibility of monetizing the deduction or application with no quota limit.

  • Identification of R&D activities

    Our work begins with the definition of those of our client’s activities that may be considered as R&D.


  • Definition of the expenses that may be considered deductible

    Once the R&D&I activities have been identified, we define the project budget (personnel expenses, material costs and contractual research costs, etc.).

  • Writing of reports for the deduction

    We draft the technical and economic reports for the corresponding deduction in keeping with regulatory requirements.

  • Certification support

    We act as a contact with the certification body chosen by our client to ensure the flow of information and the correct classification of the R&D proposal.

  • Applying for and obtaining the motivated binding report

    In order to ensure maximum legal certainty, we apply for a Motivated Binding Report from the corresponding body.


We draw up Strategic Business Plans adapted to each client’s management capacity and size. A Strategic Plan is an action programme in which those responsible for the organization explain what they intend to achieve with the company and how they intend to achieve it.

The programme takes the form of a consensus document in which we specify the major decisions that will guide the company’s progress and how it is to achieve its targets.

The development of a Strategic Plan should help us to: underline the importance of the organization, promoting the link between the different decision-making bodies and work groups, seeking the commitment of everyone at the company; discover the best the company has to offer by assessing what the members of the organization do best and identifying problems and opportunities; clarify future ideas, a company’s day-to-day often clouds the future and the development of the strategic plan requires us to stand back and examine ourselves as an organization in order to define the future to be built and put in place the mechanisms for its construction; and set up procedures to achieve the strategic targets as defined, together with the corresponding follow-up plan.

  • Company diagnosis

    Hand in hand with the client, we develop an exhaustive and objective description of their business situation in order to identify and measure their most important needs and challenges and obtain a diagnosis of the specific issue on which action is necessary.


  • Definition of strategic targets

     We analyse the targets set by the company as basic lines or roadmaps for the plan to organize its development and add order and clarity.

  • Definition of operational plans

    Each target requires the definition of a specific action plan if it is to be achieved. GESTINVER participates in its definition and in the allocation of sufficient resources.

  • Definition of follow-up mechanisms

    We define a set of evaluation indicators and internal monitoring mechanisms to control each objective and previous operational plan.

  • Evaluation of the results obtained

    We work with the client to evaluate the results of the Strategic Plan and, where appropriate, assist with its interpretation and refocus.